About us

Merlin-Alltec Mold Making, Inc., was founded in 1975 (incorporated in 1985) as Alltec Molds by Al Jaffe. Mr. Jaffe, a mold maker with a reputation for producing high precision molds, supplied a clientele of Plastic Injection Molders and OEM manufacturers in the Electrical, Computer, Medical, Automotive and House-wares industries in Southern California and Nevada. In 1996 Alltec Molds acquired Merlin Molds of Downey, CA and the combined operation, renamed Merlin-Alltec Mold Making, Inc. relocated to it’s present facility in Paramount. 

  In October 2001, the company completed its audit and certification process and was certified an ISO 9001-2000 company under International Quality Standards.

In the past few years, the company has been transformed from a labor intensive craftsman based process into a state of the art technology driven operation. Acquiring, 5 CNC Milling Machines, 2 CNC EDM machines, CAD/CAM design and machining software running on a computer network. 

 The company provides it’s customers with in-house plastic part design and prototyping. When the design is found acceptable, the company manufactures the tool steel injection molds that will be used to mold the plastic parts.  Precision Plastic Injection Molds & Die Cast Dies. 
From concept to completed product, Merlin-Alltec will work it's magic to 
ensure you get the parts you want at an affordable price!