How It's Made Plastic injection molds
About us

Merlin-Alltec Mold Makers
Merlin-Alltec Mold Making, Inc. specializes in building plastic injection molds. 
Your local plastic injection mold shop!!  We provide precision plastic Injection Molds & Die Cast Dies. 

From concept to completed product, Merlin-Alltec will work its magic to ensure you get the parts you want at an affordable price!

Molded products tooled with precision. Our resources have been intelligently chosen to bring the maximum value and quality.

  •  Fully equipped CNC,CAD/CAM,shop

  •  Mold repairs and modifications

  •  New molds

  •  Full support for Asian built molds

Merlin-Alltec Mold Making, Inc. offers you the option of building your Plastic Injection Molds here in our Paramount, California facility or at our joint venture company in Ningbo, China where you can take advantage of our 22+ years of experience communicating with our offshore partners, to bring you the quality and service you would expect from any domestic mold maker. 

This plant can build complicated molds at a competitive cost, in a fast delivery, up to U.S. standards. All molds built overseas are fully warranted by our shop in Paramount, California. 

We will gladly give you a FREE quotation to build your quality Precision Plastic Injection mold or Die Cast Die at a competitive price and a fast delivery......