About us

We also have a dedicated mold modification and repair department.We will pick up, repair, and return your mold in a timely fashion to support your production needs.We are fully equipped and staffed to handle your mold repairs and modifications.

We have state of the art CNC's, CAD/CAM's, and EDM machines.

We will bring your defective mold up to your standard.

  • RPMOKK Model PCV 40, Bed Type, 16X20X16
  • Femco VMC-1400, bed Type, 30X60X24, 4000-20000
  • Sharnoa SD 850/3 3 HP, Knee Type, 6X20X30
  • Sharnoa SD 30 10 HP, Bed Type, 20X20X30 

  • Agie Futura IV Elox Mondo-20 CNC EDM 
  • Agie Futura IV Elox Mondo-50 CNC EDM
  • Agie Wirecut CNC EDM

  • Bridgeport Mills, 2HP, 9X42 (4 with digital readout) 10X54 Enco Mill 3" Bar, 24X30
  • Surface Grinders (Abrasive 8X24, Gardner 10X12
  • Lathes, 11",14" &15"
  • Deckel 3D Pantograph, 1:5 to 6:1